Monday, June 8, 2015

Week One DOWN!

Last time I updated the blog it was four days before I started my journey and if you remember, I was ready to get started, but taking in every last piece of junk I could until I began. As also mentioned in that post, I'm more than honest and I'll be sharing with you the real details of the first week!
I took this photo of myself after the first workout. Here's a few things about that dreaded photo: (1) That is a fake smile. I mean, I was excited to be done, so that part may be real. But for real, I at one point thought that I was going to die. (2) Just about five minutes before I shot that photo, I had literally fallen over during one of the exercises (no need for anyone to remind me how out of shape I'd allowed myself to get). (3) This photo does absolutely NO justice for how red my face really was. I looked like a tomato! Haha!

The first day was really tough for me. By dinner time that night, I was already thinking that it might be best if I quit. I was having a killer headache and was thinking of all of the foods that I couldn't eat (mostly fried, greasy foods). I popped some Ibueprofen and fought through it and I am SO very glad that I did. Much to my surprise, I woke up the next morning feeling really great. Typically, my headaches (or withdrawals, as I like to call them), last much longer and make it difficult to not want to turn back to my old habits.

I'd like to say that as the week went on the that the workouts got easier, but they didn't. I didn't even know this was possible, but on Day 5, the Cardio Fix, I had my heart rate monitor going and withing 31 minutes, I'd burned 525 calories! INSANE! (If you need proof, like I would, go check out my Instragam page.)

As hard as the week was, I honestly can say that within three days I felt something I'd never really felt body changing. I've done Weight Watchers in the past, minus working out and I lost the weight, but never really "felt" a transformation. This was different. It's like I could feel my body changing and it got to the point where the workouts felt kinda good (WHAT?!?!)

So here's my favorite part of this story...I got on the scale this morning and had lost 9 pounds! 9 POUNDS IN A WEEK! I don't expect the weight to fall of quite this fast the next two weeks of the 21 Day Fix, but it reassured me that what I was feeling was accurate! Not only has my body changed, my mindset has as well. I truly don't feel deprived with the foods that I'm eating and just wish I'd started this sooner. I feel so much healthier and it's only been a week! Can't wait to update you a week from now to see what this week's journey was like!

One last piece of motivation, if I can do this, anyone can! Seriously, I'm a wimp and a food addict, haha! I'd love to help keep you accountable and see your journey unfold the way mine is beginning to!

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